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Breakthrough to Your Next Level of Success!

most popular topic

This talk includes Master Mel’s famous board breaking exercise which can be done as a stand-alone seminar or incorporated into a meeting, lunch & learn, breakout session or retreat.


You have achieved as much success as your current mindset will allow.  If you want to get more, give more or live more AND build your business around your life instead of the other way around then it’s time to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that are keeping you where you are.  In this presentation, you will learn the simple steps to move into your power and experience the dream you dare to dream.

The Metaphor:

Breaking a board requires the same steps and the same mindset needed to breakthrough any personal or professional obstacle.

Who this talk is for:

Women – especially those who do not identify as being physically strong or powerful.

Athletes – can improve their performance and success in any sport with this mental skill.

Executives – glass ceilings are nothing after board breaking!

Students – have many challenges at school and empowerment can shift their entire experience.

Corporate Teams – breaking through unproductive patterns that are slowing them down at work and at home.

Why this talk is so popular:

Engagement is high as each participant has a breakthrough experience and walks away with a greater sense of self-confidence and personal power. It is not enough to talk about transformation in theory or about change in the abstract—it needs to be experienced. The physical involvement during the board breaking exercise raises adrenaline and puts the participant in a greater emotional state from which to learn and integrate these powerful lessons.


  • Each participant will be able to articulate the next level of success that they desire; what it looks like and what it feels like.
  • Attendees will identify the “chief obstacle” that stands between them and their next level of success.
  • Each person will learn a simple plan on how to deal with fear.
  • An often overlooked, yet significant benefit of this exercise is the incredible bonding that inevitably happens as everyone encourages each other, demonstrating how we can all work together to each one succeed.
  • Each participant will walk away with their broken board as a souvenir reminder of their new claimed power.

If people truly knew their own power, they wouldn’t constantly be trying to prove it to others.
– Master Mel

Other Keynotes, Talks, and Seminars by Melodee Meyer:

Victim vs. Victor
How to not just survive, but actually thrive past abuse, domestic violence and tragedy by tapping into your inner warrior.

Clean Communication
The 10 essential skills that will help you win tough negotiations, crucial conversations, and lasting relationships at home and at work.

5 Secrets to Create Your Dream Body Without Dieting or Going to the Gym
Optimum health and wellness seems elusive but what if it just wasn’t that hard?

Emotional Weight
Release what is holding you back from having the life you want, in a body you love, doing work that truly makes a difference in the world.

The Best Business Card is Not a Business Card
How to write, publish and produce a book in less than 60 days that will provide more income, more publicity and more authority for you and your business.

The It Factor
How to build confidence and personal presence so you shine like the rockstar that you are and attract the success that you deserve.

Standing In Your Power
How to move through fear and tap into your innate strength so that you can have more success and greater influence with your team, your customers, your family and your community.

Melodee Meyer is an inspiration that knows how to engage an audience in a way that is entertaining and yet thought-provoking. She gave a riveting talk at my Personal Growth Weekend and then gracefully moved hundreds of participants through a board breaking exercise that proved to be a highlight of the seminar. I wanted my attendees to have an experience of transformation, and that’s exactly what she delivered — people are still talking about it!

Craig Duswalt

Speaker, Author and Creator of RockStar Marketing

Melodee Meyer speaks on a variety of topics including:

Women’s Issues

  • Being a strong, feminine woman even in a male dominated environment.
  • Aging is not for cowards – how to do it boldly and beautifully.
  • Managing a business and a family – is it possible to be great at both?
  • Moving from bodyshame to bodylove.

Business Issues

  • Self-defense, personal protection and/or bullying in the workplace.
  • How to build a successful business from scratch in 90 days without investors.
  • How to work with millennials, friends and/or family (without hating them).
  • Every position is a sales position.
  • Turning your unhappy customer into a raving fan.

Personal Issues

  • How to build physical and emotional confidence.
  • The blackbelt mindset that produces results.
  • Time management and accountability to reach your goals.
  • What is flow and how to experience more of it in your life.

Using humor and heart, Melodee Meyer has the ability to connect with an audience on a very deep level. Her personal and professional story, full of tragedy and triumph, provides a backdrop for profound insights that inspire and motivate participants to become the best, most powerful version of themselves. 

Maryann Ehmann

Speaker, Trainer and Income Strategist


  • A personal consultation prior to your event to define objectives and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your attendees.
  • Clear, prompt communication with you.
  • A professional presentation, dynamically delivered.
  • A handout or other take-away for your attendees to solidify the message.
  • Interaction with attendees before and/or after the talk.
  • Many positive reviews from your attendees.
  • A follow up communication to review outcomes.
  • Overall, an easy and fun experience!

Dynamic and relevant, Master Mel is the real deal. Year after year we invite her to speak at our international industry event for the world’s top leaders and entrepreneurs. Her passion and energy is contagious as she shares her proven methods on how to build and grow a successful business.

Randy Reid

Founder, Dojo Nation

I have seen Melodee in multiple venues and she is great whether working as a one-on-one coach, or leading a group, or getting a room full of GenXr’s, and Boomers to believe they can smash though a board and then have 100% of them accomplish this without any injuries. She is just that engaging. However, she excels when she speaks. She is a great storyteller even when the stories are quite personal. I am always excited when I find that she will be speaking—she easily commands the room and has the audience in the palm of her hand.

Jim Butz

Business Growth Mentor

Melodee is a powerful and passionate speaker that lives her message of empowerment, courage and self-mastery. Her martial arts background and personal story makes for an interesting and enlightening platform from which she inspires her audience to take action.

Jeff Faldalen

Author, Speaker, Coach

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